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Dispute Resolution and Litigation

At K&G Techlaw Partners, we offer comprehensive legal services in the field of Dispute Resolution and Litigation. Our experienced team of attorneys specializes in various areas of litigation, providing effective representation and resolution strategies to our clients.

General Litigation:

Our skilled litigators have extensive experience in civil and criminal litigation, ensuring effective representation for our clients in all types of legal disputes. We handle cases before various courts and tribunals, including the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Family Courts, and High Courts. Our expertise extends to handling matters related to writs, ensuring the protection of our clients’ fundamental rights.

Drug Criminal Litigations:

We specialize in drug criminal litigations, representing clients who face legal issues related to drug offenses. Our team is well-versed in the relevant laws and regulations governing drug-related crimes, ensuring a thorough understanding of the complexities involved in these cases.

Fixed Dose Combination Litigation:

We provide expert legal assistance in fixed dose combination litigation cases. Our attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of the laws governing fixed dose combinations, enabling us to offer effective representation and strategic advice to clients involved in such litigations.

DPCO Litigation:

Our firm has a strong track record in handling cases related to the Drug Price Control Order (DPCO). We offer comprehensive legal services to clients involved in DPCO litigation, ensuring thorough analysis and representation in matters concerning drug pricing regulations.

Consumer Litigation:

We assist clients in consumer litigation cases, representing their interests in disputes with service providers or manufacturers. Our team is well-versed in consumer protection laws and regulations, ensuring our clients receive fair representation and advocacy throughout the legal process.

Patent Litigation:

Our firm specializes in patent litigation, providing effective representation to clients involved in disputes over intellectual property rights. We have a deep understanding of patent laws and regulations, allowing us to develop robust strategies to protect our clients’ interests.

Recovery Litigation:

We handle recovery litigation cases, including matters related to the Negotiable Instruments Act, Section 138 (NI Act), civil suits, and proceedings before the NCLT. Our attorneys have significant experience in assisting clients in recovering their dues and navigating complex legal procedures.

At K&G Techlaw Partners, we strive to provide personalized and result-oriented legal solutions to our clients in the field of dispute resolution and litigation. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our in-depth knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, ensures the best possible outcome for our clients. Contact us today to discuss your legal needs and how we can assist you in resolving your disputes effectively.